A ‘Reindeer’ Check


A ‘Reindeer’ Check

by Lacey Hunt

Yes, it is time to think about that midnight ride. No…not Paul Revere. THE midnight ride. This is the time where a sleigh is filled, and some truly inspiring creatures rise up and carry a man named Santa across the moon and across the seas so that all boys and girls can have that special gift they receive every year…if they’re good, of course.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

What people may not know, however, is the fact that ‘reindeer’ appear in other areas of the environment. The animal, per se, is not the only reindeer in this world. Believe it or not, there is a reindeer in the lichen realm. Reindeer moss. This is one of those extremely important species that grows in both hot and cold areas. But because the moss is found in mostly alpine areas, it is easy to understand that the hardiness of the moss matches the hardiness of Santa’s own team.


It is also one of those things that is extremely important to the ecological and environmental balance of this world. As it’s called, this is a food source for the reindeer that is necessary for their well-being. But it also grows slowly, and when looking at keeping the environment healthy it’s important to note that once an area is over-grazed or trampled on, it will take a very long while for the moss to grow back. No kids, no worries; the North Pole has a huge supply, so they’re all good up there. But Mom and Dad need to know that this is a species (on a long list of species that keeps getting longer) that needs to be protected.


Something more fun to talk about? Well, the moss growth IS just fine at the North Pole, because someone just went up there to check on the reindeer and found out that each and every member of the team is well-fed and excited about taking off.


The president of the World Veterinary Association (as well as being the former president of the American Veterinary Medical Association), just reported on the AVMA website, that she made her trip to the North Pole to make sure the team was up-to-date on their vaccinations and healthy as ‘magical horses’ so they can work hard without fear of catching a cold on Christmas Eve. She will also make a follow-up journey to the North Pole on Christmas Eve to double-check on everything and do a pre-flight checkup; she will remain there, like a very good doctor, to check them all out upon their return so that the team can get some rest and make sure they’re strong enough next year to do it all again. A note for kids: The doctor says that if you wish to leave a snack for the reindeer, graham cracker reindeer cookies are the way to go. Rudolph LOVES them…I can’t prove it, but sources say his nose shines brighter after enjoying a couple of the cookies.


It is also important to remember that there are many reindeer out there that weren’t quite as magical as the ones Santa picked, so they live each and every day in their own homes that range from arctic tundra to mountainous regions of northern Europe, Siberia, and North America. And some of the sub-species of these reindeer (or, caribou, if you wish to call them by that name), are extremely rare. This is one of those statistics that everyone must learn about, because we are always talking about protection and survival in this world when it comes to every part of our environment and our animal kingdom.


The reindeer matter; the wolves matter; all of the animals we love out there are a huge part of our world, and they need to be watched over just as well as Santa watches over his own!


So…get out the graham cracker cookies, because a very special team is coming soon.

Original Source: Baret News Wire.org


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