Amazon Optimus Prime will CRUSH your small business!


Amazon Optimus Prime will CRUSH your small business!

So my wife is very excited that she can now get anything via Amazon prime. They can deliver to your doorstep in what seems to be 5 minutes. But I really think it’s because she’s ordering so much that the frequency is confusing her, I just wish Amazon had a box buy back program.

But it’s only going get worst, and I blame it all on the government, why you ask … DRONES! WILL SAYS ICONAmazon wants to use drones to deliver your products faster than anyone. Plus, now the government wants to use drones to make sure your kids get to school safely. What if the government and Amazon had a drone program together. I can hear the knock at the door now.

Um, Mr. Roberts, we made a little mistake. It seems as though your son was killed by one of our drones, on the way to school. Not sure how he got on the list, but the good news is here’s the package you ordered 10 minutes ago on Amazon.

I’ll tell you; I am not sure which is worst. The drones or the elimination of mom and pop small businesses. Corporate America is working on ways to make it possible for you to never leave your home. They’re working and studying on ways to get the best deals. Deals that mom and pops could never get you. Big business is turning our downtowns into ghost towns.

So next time you shop for anything, ask yourself a couple of questions:
* Am I buying local
* Am I helping my community?
* Does it help the country

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