Are the Experts Picking on the Wrong QB?


Are the Experts Picking on the Wrong QB?

 ~ Amy Lignor

Montana may be sobbing. Jerry Rice may be shaking his head. But the fans of the 49ers are not. Colin Kaepernick seems to have gone from soon to be superstar to “Where am I again?” But even with the problems this season, the kid is good. He took the 49ers straight to the Super Bowl the first year he stood in the QB spot. The next year, he took them straight to the NFC Championship and, unfortunately, lost to the Seattle Seahawks.


Colin_Kaepernick_in_2013Some people say this season is all about ‘growing pains’. Kap came in as one of the best in the biz, and is now experiencing what all others do; he’s going up against teams out there better than the 49ers. There are issues, though, that are not helping Kap whatsoever. These issues include players being suspended and his own head coach being gossiped about regarding how he treats his players in the locker room. AND whether or not that coach will actually be in their locker room when next season rolls around. This is a lot for a young man to carry on his shoulders, but is Kap done? Not even close, people.


There is a contract for this QB that is slightly beyond moronic. Yes, it is. Kap is the QB. He has a job to do – the hardest job, at least publically, in the NFL. He represents the team and his fans. BUT, the 49ers are having a whole lot of problems that have nothing to do with Kap; therefore, placing ALL the blame on his shoulders for heading into this week 4-4 is simply not right.


Today, experts are all talking about Aldon Smith. Smith came back from suspension. Yes, he deserved the suspension. And, yes, the 49ers need him to play. But all the experts could talk about is how Aldon is actually ‘paying to play this year’. When the season is over, the money Aldon makes will not be enough to cover what he owes the 49ers’organization for his own idiocy. He will actually owe the team $661K. Yes. He’s paying to play but he deserves just that.


What goes around comes around in all facets of life, and the NFL is no exception. Goodness knows all fans have seen that all year, with suspensions, arrests, videos, hitting girlfriends, kids – the list goes on. These are some big things. Yet, Kap has been found in the news being fined for a comment (that both he and the player he was talking to on the field claim he never said). He’s also been fined for wearing earphones in a locker room? Still can’t figure that one out. And now the news is he will either lose money or be stripped of his job the way he’s playing. Oddly enough, not for the way the rest of the team is screwing up.


What Kap signed with the 49ers was a unique deal, to say the least. The initial five years he works for the 49ers, his salary is guaranteed for injury only, which means the team can say goodbye to Kap at any time and not owe him a thing. In addition, instead of bonuses, Kap’s deal contains a “de-escalator clause” that requires the man to be hugely successful. If not, his pay drops each and every year. No matter how ridiculously hideous the rest of the team happens to be.


Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? Perhaps the Chicago Bears should have thought of doing this. After all, Jay Cutler is getting paid a great deal right now for pretty much standing on the sidelines looking like a child whose video games have been taken away. Kap is a great QB and if the 49ers are dumb enough to cut him loose than San Fran would be in extreme trouble.


Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle