Birds of Texas


The Birds of Texas


From regional giants to the rare Mexican visitor, it’s truly amazing to bird-watch in the Lone Star State. With each section of Texas being so varied in both climate and area, the incredible number of species to be found is almost downright magical.


As 2014 begins to close and 2015 is being looked forward to it is often reported about the bird-watching trends that have grown larger and more popular every year, and Texas is at the very top of their list when it comes to providing people with the perfect spots to glimpse the most beautiful birds in America.


Sand Hill Crane Family

Sand Hill Crane Family

Top sites on the coast can be found by looping from the Louisiana border, through the Houston and Beaumont coastal areas. The Central Coast species can be seen in a travel from Matagorda Bay through the Victoria and Corpus Christi areas, ending near Kingsville. And even more varieties can be spotted along the southern tip of Texas, from South Padre Island and west toward Laredo. Whatever trail you follow, each will spotlight the songbirds that grace the skies of the stunning Gulf Coast. And if you are a city dweller, bird-watching in local parks is perfect for seeing the shelters for migratory birds. And during the fall and spring migrations the colors are absolutely unforgettable.


Barred Owl and Chick

Barred Owl and Chick

In Texas there is the ability to get to the water to see the heron rookeries, and be stunned by everything from spoonbills to egrets to herons. And up East, the old-growth forests are there just waiting to explore.


Go south, and you will see the Green Jay, Great Kiskadee and Plain Chachalaca, which are amazing sights. And every once in a great while, the lucky birdwatcher will come across a Mexican glider traveling in the Lower Rio Grande Valley


Bird-watching is a sport for some and recreation for others. and when it comes to Texas, it is also a learning experience. And you simply have not lived until the some of the rarer songbirds are crossed off that bucket list of yours!


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