Congress is in session, back to work, lazy bums… you decide

Congress is in session, back to work, lazy bums…  you decide

So The 114th Congress is now in session, back to work, lazy bums, hmm, when I come back I’ll let you decide.
Is it a bad omen that Americans started work on Monday & the NEW 114 Congress started work on a Tuesday? #DayLateDollarShortCongress?
After the last two congresses, the do nothing 112th Congress & the do do nothing 113th Congress, who did even less. Maybe the 114th Congress slogan should be that old adage “Less is more”. Because, it seems like any time you add a politician to anything, it most likely won’t get done. And if it does get done, chances are it’s not put together right, and they’re parts left over.
I made a New Years resolution that said: I will not let our government get me upset. With that, I had to add another resolution to ensure I would be able to achieve the first resolution, and that is, no more Hatebook .. Oh sorry, Facebook.
Now Americans, get back to work & Congress get back to whatever it is you do anyway.
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