Green Technology Creates Happy Workers


Green Technology Creates Happy Workers

~ Samantha Lewis



Now that the holidays have passed and everyone has bowed their heads and slugged back into work (yes, after the holiday come down “slugged” is the correct word for this particular action), they are met once again with…The Office.

At certain times, such as after the holiday enjoyment, the words “The Office” are more apropos to a nightmare rather than a comedy on TV, but when it comes to the boss actually attempting to help out their workers in 2015, there may just be some surprises in store for you; surprises that will involve a better work environment that then constitutes a better, more energizing work day.


The open office design is certainly not a new idea. But more and more, companies are turning to such a remodel. Not only does the remodel help in all green ways, but it also keeps overhead costs down (such as lowering electric and heating bulls by using things like solar panels), and even more…the design of the office itself has workers feeling happier because they can perhaps see the sun instead of dreaming about it while crowded into lifeless cubicles.


Open layouts for offices are more about design then actual material costs. Cinder block walls are out, those in-between metal and carpeted walls no longer have to stand between desks, which allows the person to see the world, while also establishing privacy by using various new green products. Daylight and views have become the major “want” and “need” for the employee. Those high partitions have been dropped, but the use of furnishings and the world of green – whether that be plants or mini-trees or a list of others – still give the privacy needed. Took a long time, but it seems that finally people understand that the Vitamin D from the sun is needed inside the office so that work productivity goes higher and higher.


Now, as with everything in the United States, there comes a time when others have that spark of an idea – that lightbulb coming on over the head that brings yet another piece of the pie to the table. Now not only is the open-floor design being sought out by bosses, but some are going one step further. They allow their workers the enjoyment of green furnishings and open designs, but ALSO a place for private time. Enter the new green office technology called, The Orrb.


This is a seat; an enclosed chamber, if you will, that sounds like it goes in the complete opposite direction of the open design. But it is true that when employees are bombarded by customers or data or the constant chattering of someone, they need a place to relax. Stepping into the Orrb – a high-gloss black seating unit – they receive downtime and calm.


Not only is the Orrb helpful to get away from it all, but it is also a place of wellness that helps the person calm their heart rate, take deep breaths, and take care of body and mind when a customer or co-worker happens to be having a bad day and taking it out on them. The Orrb is most definitely a great place to hide. This physical device allows you to open the door, step inside and settle in. Fitting only one person, this is the ultimate in privacy.


Once the office you work for gets the subscription service that allows the user to control the content that they want to watch or listen to while inside the Orrb, all a worker needs to do is use the swipe card that is issued to them by their boss and head on in to this slightly interstellar looking location.


Wellness and Learning is what the Orrb provides. From a 10-minute session to a full on wellness session, you sit in the comfortable chair and on the screen in front of you, visuals and sounds begin, showing each user how to work the online session, offering meditation and help so that you will come out of the Orrb energized, happier, and ready to work.


This is but one product that makes for a new 2015 “perfect” office. Not only can the boss make sure that the world of ‘green’ living and open spaces are brought into the company, but also set aside an area away from it all for their workers to regain energy and thrive.




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