Sledding is bad for kids health, so is being a kid!


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Sledding is bad for kids health, so is being a kid! 
Headline: Parents sue city over kid injured sledding down the hill, this causing cities around US to create a sledding ban.
I say we call it a  Wedding Ban. You can’t marry & have kids if you don’t understand the laws of gravity… What goes up, must fall down, & get hurt!
Maybe we should just ban kids from coming out of the house.  But then we’d have to cover everything in bubble wrap and have knives made out of plastic. We’d also have to crumble paper up so they can’t get a paper cut, and use not toxic free range glue to fasten our kids to one spot so they can’t get hurt.
I am convinced that this is all just a marketing trick to get lawyers more work?
Seems odd in a society that is now driven by YouTube, reality tv, and Jackass style shows that we would be questioning fun. Maybe we should have the president allocate funds for cameras on our kids. We can watch them grow up, literally and make sure they don’t do any of the things we did as kids… Man, it must be boring to be a kid these days!


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