Sunday Night Massacre or Surprise?

Sunday Night Massacre or Surprise?

 ~ Amy Lignor

Okay, people…tell the truth. Is outdoing Favre in the 500-club the most important thing to a Bronco? Is destroying the Seahawks and the Broncos the most important thing for a 49er? Well…it shouldn’t be, and most likely isn’t. But they are two things that live within the soul of various players and fans that would be a whole lot of fun to see accomplished.


Sunday_night_footballThe 49ers still harbor anger from last year. Come on! Yes they do! They despise the Seahawks (as most teams do), but they must be smiling wide that not one, but two, teams have come out of nowhere to put Seattle in their place. A place that is 3-3 and not anything like what the Seahawks team, coach, or players like Richard Sherman, thought they would have by now. Even the Broncos have had it with the Seahawks. Yes, their game with the Seahawks this year was beyond close, heading into overtime where if Peyton Manning got the ball back (according to fans and experts), the Broncos would have taken it. Unlike the Super Bowl, which was more than a bit depressing.


The 49ers have a player trying his best to show that he’s growing; a QB that signed a massive contract who wants to show people he’s maturing. Of course, the ridiculous penalties being assessed the man makes it look like he’s just come out of high school. (A penalty for wearing ear buds? Come on, NFL!)


Anyway…Colin Kaepernick is heading to Denver on Sunday night to take on the beloved patriarch (or that’s the way everyone is treating Peyton Manning this year), to show others out there that the 49ers can win. He still wants to bury the Seahawks, of course, but if the rest of the NFL is going to help him out on that score, Colin and the 49ers will be more than happy to let them. (Gotta give it up for San Diego and Dallas on this one).


Yes, Manning is three away from most TDs. Favre will fall to second. And, believe it or not, an expert actually said that Manning would get over 600 before he leaves the game for good. If I were Manning I’d cross my fingers that I could stay in one piece that long as Father Time takes his normal toll.


But Sunday Night will be more than interesting when the young Colin, who is currently the best rushing quarterback in the league, leading all other QB’s with 242 yards rushing, goes up against the perfect passer who is over 500 TD’s and is definitely going to rack up more. Which is more difficult to defend? After all, it is the defense on both teams that will be tested this time out. Both QB’s are good; but one must be stopped on the ground, as well, while one must be rattled in his own home stadium, which will most likely not happen. However, Manning has been known to do worse when he’s rushed, so rushing the passer is an obvious plan.


There is one thing already being yelled about by Denver fans, however. That is the conglomeration of 12 NFL coaches who stated that they would rather their defense face Manning than Kap. Is he really better? No. But the younger man is far more stressful. Manning is intimidating because of his star power; his talent and abilities that he’s proven forever. He is a Hall of Fame player. But…will Kap will be one too? If you don’t believe so then you haven’t been watching his career unfold.


The Seattle Seahawks did unveil Manning’s issues when it came to being rushed. Kap doesn’t like it either, but he can and will move forward at top speed if need be to crash through the defense and get those extra yards. He is unpredictable…and that’s not a fun thing for a defensive coordinator.


Other side of the coin will always be that Manning is the ‘best of the best’ on the field out there in 2014. He can pick you apart…he can ruin your day. In other words, you are talking about good versus great when speaking Kap versus Manning. Only trouble is, the ‘good’ keeps secrets close to his chest, and he and his team are hoping like crazy that they will NOT be the team that allows Manning to get the three TDs he needs to see Favre fall to #2 in the record-books.


For fans? Not much to say except…this is going to be one awesome game!
Source: Baret News Wire