The Manning Titanic


The Manning Titanic

~ Amy Lignor


Eli and Peyton Manning – most often in the headlines for being the best (well, perhaps not Eli and the Giants this year considering what has gone on). However, the Manning name is still heralded with Super Bowl wins, amazing comebacks, and Peyton’s constant setting of records.
This week, Peyton showed another flaw and proved that no matter how ‘perfect’ you may be there is always a crack in the shell somewhere. Tom Brady cracked it easily enough, but the Rams (yes, the Rams), cracked it even more.

images (4)This is a game the Denver Broncos were going to win even if they sat with the fans and enjoyed a beer for the second half. After all, this IS the St. Louis Rams, which meant if Peyton wanted to break another record – perhaps throwing for 8 TDs in the first half of a game – it would have been no problem.


Go back to 2012: Peyton Manning becomes leader and ever since the Broncos have not scored less than twenty points with the exception of twice. Unfortunately, one of those games was last year’s Super Bowl. Yet watching the Rams/Broncos game was a lot like watching a supernatural event. Quarters passed on by, the game callers kept saying “here we go…now!” and the refs on the field looked worried, as if they had showed up at the wrong game and would be in trouble by their bosses for the mix-up.


22 to 7. Everyone looked at the scoreboard. Everyone seemed more than a bit confused that the Broncos had only 22 points, because they would have expected a far better show from Peyton. But…wait…its Broncos 7…7? Well, now we’ve gone into a science fiction novel. Brady must have been smiling.


The Broncos offense looked not only bad, but somewhere else completely. It did not help, of course, to watch the injuries pile up with Thomas, Sanders and Ball knocked out. But even with these men off the field…7?? You wonder whether or not Peyton threw that interception with 5:23 left on the clock in order to go down with his ship. And funnily enough, the Rams can now scream loud and clear that they have the beaten the once perfect Seahawks, and the once Divine Broncos, both defending conference champions. Perhaps they do save up all their gumption to put the big guys in their place. Broncos are now 7-3. Although the hardest hit for Peyton may have been delivered from Brady and his Patriots, this one must have had him thinking he’d somehow been abducted and brought to Roswell, NM. It was that odd.


The Rams are done for the season so they can afford to smash and hit and have a ball knocking people off their pins if they feel like it. But with Peyton and his perfection, the Broncos not only need to appear in the championship game (most likely playing the Patriots), but they also have to bring back the Lombardi to Denver because anything less will be the ultimate failure.


Perfection sucks, Peyton. And as far as the other sibling? Eli is still learning that West Coast offense and even he looked confused on the field throwing interception after interception. All that can be said is that the Giants are not the team to beat. In fact, the Giants may swiftly become the Rams with nothing to lose and knocking the ‘stars’ down in order to jar their egos. Either way, the second half of the season is the most fun to watch. Even if it may not be for the Manning bros.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle