8th Annual CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge in South Portland, Through March 22

January 14 – March 22, 2019

CLYNK! Did you hear that? It’s the sound of change for K-12 schools.

If you’re not familiar, CLYNK is an avenue for your school to raise funds and recycling awareness by CLYNKing redeemable bottles and cans year-round at participating Hannaford Supermarkets. Think modern-day bottle drive without the messy logistics.

During our 8th Annual Recycling Challenge, Jan. 14 – March 22, 2019, your school will get even more change—or better yet, funds in the form of a check. For every $1 raised in the Challenge period, schools will get an added $.50, plus the opportunity to compete for other cash prizes! Last year’s winners raised an average of $1,500 for their schools.

The Challenge is offered in both Maine and New York, and schools will only compete against schools in their state. First ($1,500) and second ($1,000) prize will be awarded per state for schools who collect the most funds. Third place ($500) will be awarded per state for schools that put forth an extraordinary effort, as identified by CLYNK. Cash prizes are awarded in addition to the redemption funds and bonus match.

167 Rumery Street
South Portland, Maine 04106


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