Capt. Mack Farr Striper Guide


Capt.  Mack Farr Striper Guide at Lake Lanier Shares Details about his Tidewater Boat

Fisherman earning a living on the water know what features to consider when you are buying a boat.


For over 35 years, Capt. Mack Farr has been guiding fishing trips on Lake Lanier for landlocked stripers and bass. Guiding and fishing 200 days plus on Lake Lanier on his Tidewater 2410 Bay Max, Capt. Mack knows what works and what doesn’t in order to consistently put customers on the best bite effectively, efficiently, and comfortably.

When you are considering a boat for your fishing lifestyle, understanding the reasons guides and pro anglers like Capt. Mack Farr selects a specific manufacturer, and the model is a solid resource of information for consideration. After all, he makes his living fishing, plus typically, spends more days on the water than the average angler.

Capt. Mack has been a big fan of Tidewater Boats for some time. He can be seen traversing and fishing all over Lake Lanier on his Tidewater 2410 Bay Max. “ I have been fishing with other manufacturers boats for several years, but when I had the chance to really examine the benefits, quality, and fishability of the Tidewater 2410, I knew this was a perfect boat that meets virtually every need to put clients on fish “ states Capt. Mack.  Spending a few hours with Capt. Mack chasing a deep winter striper bite, we had the opportunity to discuss his reasons why he loves his Tidewater 2410 Carolina Bay.


Capt.  Mack Farr Striper Guide at Lake Lanier Shares Details about his Tidewater Boat Fisherman earning a living on the water know what features to consider when you are buying a boat.

Perfect for inshore, nearshore, and big lakes!

Running out, Capt. Mack discussed the great performance of his Tidewater 2410 Bay Max. “I love this boat, and it’s performance on the water,” stated Capt. Mack. “It handles the roughest of water, weather and provides a safe and dry ride. Plus, powered with the Yamaha 300 H.P outboard, the combination of the well-designed hull and power is awesome.  Right now, we are making excellent time to our first spot, and I know we have plenty more speed if needed. This boat is so well designed, it easily glides through the water, is very stable, provides a very safe and dry ride for all of my customers too.”

Setting up in a creek with downline baits at 60 plus feet, we had a chance to discuss striper fishing, Lake Lanier’s fantastic fishery, and specifically more details about his selection of Tidewater Boats for his guide service.

Q: Beyond a few of the key performance features, we discussed the Tidewater 2410 Bay Max if you had to pick your top 3 key favorite features about this model that are most important to you?

A: That is a great question. And frankly, it is difficult for me to limit my answer to the top 3 because there are so many features I genuinely love about this boat.   First, I must say I love the front deck. It is very large, provides more than enough room for two or more anglers to cast bucktails in the coves or points for stripers.  There is plenty of space for electronics, and in fact, my largest sonar is mounted here in the very front next to the trolling motor, and we have a ton of space around the area.  The second feature, overall room throughout the boat. When guiding, sometimes with several anglers, just the ability to get around to fish, walk, and move around is so important. Tidewater has done an excellent job in designing not only this boat but every model I have seen, to ensure there is plenty of room. Plus, for me, with clients and anyone that needs a boat for their family, the ability to safely move throughout the boat is so important to catching fish safely and easily. I guess my third favorite feature is simply storage. I love all the storage that has been designed in the boat. I have more than ample space for storage of rods, reels, gear, tackle, and bait. Plus, plenty of additional storage for customers and their gear too. Just like today, we have a little warmer day to start, but rain is in the forecast and temperatures will drop. Storing a client’s gear, lunch, and extra clothing takes up space. But this is not an issue aboard this boat. Tidewater made sure there is a place for everything, is easily accessible yet out of the way.


Q: How about “fishability”?

A: Beyond the massive front deck space I mentioned, the space around the center console from front to rear is great. A perfect set up with space to drop down lines with rod holders such as today for a deep bite, but plenty of room behind the large center console seating for trolling when pulling umbrella rigs. Great bait tanks and large live wells too! Rod and gear storage are everywhere. I can take several clients and have plenty of room to fish the exact way we need to in order to have success.


Plus, I can track the edges, coves, shallow water, and points for bass fishing trips. Casting two from the deck is a breeze. Sometimes, as a bonus depending on the time of the year, when striper fishing, we might catch a few big catfish too. Lake Lanier has a fantastic forage base and a healthy catfish population in addition to stripers.  Basically, I can do anything that is needed with my boat to make sure my clients have a successful day on the water.


Q:  What would be a feature of the Tidewater your think most people might miss or not realize at first glance is a significant benefit?

A: That’s easy. The rear bench seating in my specific boat. Perfect for clients to be seated for a long ride or if the weather turns. Interestingly, when folded down, the back deck becomes quite large and is a very usable space. I think a lot of clients just don’t initially see the fold-down seat as a big feature until they need a place to sit when we are moving or just need a break. Plus, the center console front seat is large and comfortable too.


As we were speaking, a big bite occurred, and the battle was on for a solid 10 lb — striper on a rear down rod.  After the catch, we were able to resume speaking. “Look around you now in this area. There are a few boats, but there are two different Tidewater boats out on the water today. Capt. Mack was right.  “Tidewater manufacturers a great boat, loaded with great features and is quality throughout. The market sees it, and I continue not only to see more of their boats here on Lake Lanier, but I travel to the Florida coast quite a bit. I see more Tidewater Boats on the water every trip”


Capt. Mack and Tidewater Boats does it again!

Capt. Mack and Tidewater Boats does it again!


Q: How does your Tidewater 2410 Bay Max perform for you when fishing in Florida.

A: I trailer my boat to one of my favorite areas for several days on a regular basis. I hope to make it down, even more, this year. I target inshore for trout and redfish often.  But my favorite bites are a bit near shore when I venture out many miles for the red snapper bite and, of course, grouper too. Trailing the boat is a snap. I love this boat on the coast and performs perfectly for my saltwater trips. I can’t say enough about this boat.


Capt. Mack Farr continues to have a tremendous amount of success at Lake Lanier and is one of the most popular guides. Knowledgeable and entertaining, he makes an outing not only successful but a lot of fun as well. Interested in a great fishing trip? Check out Capt. Mack and schedule your fishing adventure at

Check out, Capt. Mack's guide services, fishing reports, and gear today!

Check out, Capt. Mack’s guide services, fishing reports, and gear today!


Plus, Capt. Mack has design and “fish” tested many of his own products, rigs and baits that he has been extremely successful with on Lake Lanier and other impoundments in the Southeast too.  From a professional guide that truly knows what’s working, sharing great information with his fishing reports, and selling the perfect gear for great bites. Check out his full line of Capt. Mack’s fishing products at


Capt. Mack Far and Tidewater Boats. A winning combination on Lake Lanier for big stripers, bass, and more. When a successful pro fishing guide discusses his boat, there is not a better source of information, experience, and insights about a boat than from a man who makes his living fishing. With his knowledge and experience, this information is important when you are looking for your family’s perfect fishing boat.

Turning the tide, Tidewater Boats is fast becoming the name in great fishing, family, and recreational boats in the market today.  Take it from the Guide; the bite is on with Tidewater


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